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Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Update!

Help needed!

Recently we have been digging up the mulched pathways we created a few years ago to use as extra soil in the garden beds. Whilst our compost system is working quiet well we need donations of chicken, sheep, cow or horse droppings to add extra nutrients to the soil. If any parent or friend of the school knows where we can source some free manure it would be much appreciated. If you do have some manure please let me know or leave your donations near the veggie garden gate or place in the garden beds without plants.

I am also planning a short working bee (date to be confirmed) to tidy up the garden and surrounds and to establish the wicking gardens. We are also looking at replacing the wooden garden beds with bricks or retaining wall type blocks. If you would like to help in any way or have some ideas, please contact me or leave a note/contact phone number at the office.

Sandy (Kitchen/Garden Specialist)

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