Our Junior School Council has been very active in their calls for more lunch time activities. The staff at Woori Yallock P.S. have responded by offering activities and giving up their own break times. Every recess and every lunch, we offer a myriad of activities:


- Running Club- Mr Gibbons

- Coloring Club- Miss Greig



- JSC- Libby

- Reading Club- Mrs Menta




- Jolene

- Woori Warblers- Mrs Toogood



- 5/6 run Sport- Mr Gibbons

- Homework Club- Flick


- Meditation- Amy 

- BYOD- Miss Young/ Mrs Gaulke

All the electives cater for all ages across the school and are open to any child that wishes to partake. Activities offered will change each term.


The media team at Woori Yallock consists of grade five and six students. It is totally an optional activity, however, due to its popularity the students on the team have had to apply. The media team performs many functions throughout the year. They regularly write, film and produce, 'The Woori Show', short shows about the school and its students, which students at the school watch during lunch times. They produce the end of the year buddy tours, which are virtual tours of our school for our new Prep students. They are also involved in filming teacher lessons. These films are used for teacher development or are instructional videos for other teachers to watch. Students on the team learn a lot about how to film and how to edit using iMovie.

This year we hope to write, film and produce an antibullying video.

Mr Mack (Media Team Coordinator)


On a Monday and Thursday at school we have the opportunity for students to learn keyboard and guitar (this is at an additional cost). This is a service that we seek outside of the school. If you would like lessons for your child please come and see the office staff. 


Buddy time is important to both the preps and the 5/6 students. On arriving to school our preps have a buddy and througout the year the grade 5/6 students help their prep buddy to play in the yard as well as teahcing them lessons and helping them with their gross and fine motor skills.


Sporting Schools program is a free after school program that runs for 3 terms of the year. Some sports offered are: athletics, football, netball, tennis


During terms 1 and 4 we like to run a community running club where we do the beep test as well as taking advantage of the Warburton trial. All members of the community are welcome to come and students are encouraged to join us!

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