The Prep rooms work in conjunction with each other with each of our 4 prep teachers teaching the students interchangeably.

The students will be working hard on learning the reading and writing workshops and learning how to problem solve during maths time.

The Preps will be enjoying time with their buddies and will be making new friends in their classrooms.

Our 2020 teachers are Libby, Deeon, Bonnie and Jess.

We can wait to start our learning in PREP! 



This year in 1/2 we have five wonderful classes. Whilst students are allocated into grades, we have many opportunities within our teaching and learning to mix teach across the five grades, ensuring students have learning targeted to their ability.

In writing, we establish the students in the writers’ workshop and set expectations to ensure we can make the most out of our writing time. This includes the use of the Writer’s Notebook as well as the 6 plus 1 traits of writing to support our students as writers. Our students become independent writers who have the ability to choose a topic within a specific genre and write creatively. We will continue with a specific focus of teaching vocabulary to extend our students’ use of words both orally and in the written form, as well as a routine and explicit spelling program to build their word knowledge.

In reading, we also establish our students in the Reader’s Workshop and build their capability in the use of their Reader’s Notebooks. We want our students to be great readers but also great thinkers so reflecting on themselves as a reader or writer and talking about their reading is key to developing their comprehension.

Within our numeracy program, students are involved in two number, two applied and a problem-solving lesson each week. We cover many topics throughout the year, giving students multiple exposures and hands on experiences across the content.

This year we have planned our timetable with time for history, science, handwriting, chats, PE, german and electives, giving our students a broad education. 


In 2019 we have some exciting activities coming up, including an excursion to the Melbourne Zoo, Grade 1 dinner at school and Grade 2 sleepover.


Our 2019 teachers are Amy, Jolene, Rachael, Mrs Bolton and MIss Greig. Together we make an outstanding team to further the education of our grade 1/2 students.



What a fantastic start to the year in 3/4. The students have spent this week getting to know each other and their new teachers. Students have participated in a number of games and activities which have allowed them to settled into class and begin to form new friendships. We are now feeling ready to get into learning and are excited about the year ahead.

This year our teachers are Mrs Syme, Miss Young, Miss Vaughan and Miss MacDonald.



We have had an amazing start to the year in Grade 5/6. It is a huge jump from Grade 4 to Grade 5 and we have been pleased to see how well our Grade 5’s have already settled into routines and 5/6 life. This term we are putting a huge focus on sportsmanship and teamwork as we begin to bond as new classes. Each day at 12.30pm, we run a “brain break” which involves a cooperative game building students’ communication, compromising, problem solving and negotiating skills. Our teaching and learning schedule is jam packed, each day we have one hour of reading, writing and maths. Within these subjects students are supported and challenged at point of need.

We also have our other important units including History, which this term will be heavily focused around the history of ANZACs.

In Week 4 of Term 1, we are off to camp. On these five days, students will take part in lots of different team building activities . We are all very excited for this experience!

Each week in 5/6 we will be running level sport, which will involve tournaments of a wide variety of sports including tennis, volleyball, rounders, kickball, basketball, netball, soccer and more.

In Grade 5/6 we also run a Gender based program, which covers all aspects of growing up including friendships, self-esteem, cyber safety, sex eduation just to name a few. We finish the program by heading off for a celebration outside of the school, the girls going to “Believe Camp” and boys going on their “Boys to Men” day.


We are so lucky to have an amazing staff this year in 5/6 who are just as excited as the students to get into the year ahead. Please contact Jess White, Elisha Dedman, Rach Ward, Jess Wallace or Ash Shanks if you have any questions.


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