Out of school Hours Care

At Woori Yallock Primary School our Out of School Hours Care (OSHC) is facilitated by Mount Evelyn Primary School Combined OSHC

Mount Evelyn Primary School Combined OSHC Philosophy


That the program should be nurturing, rich, and diverse in nature to support the learning and developmental needs of all children attending the service.

Therefore we will…

  1. Make curriculum decisions that contributes to each child’s learning and development outcomes in relation to their identity, connection with community, wellbeing, confidence  as learners and effectiveness as communicators

  2. Celebrate the children’s knowledge, ideas, interests, cultures, and abilities throughout the program

  3. Critically reflect on the program to continuously enhance and build the standard of the program

  4. Observe, document and reflect on children’s learning and provide access for families to this information


That the children’s health and safety should be at the forefront of the program. That they feel a sense of belonging to the OSHC community, eagerness to engage and security to express themselves.


Therefore we will…

  1. Promote physical activity and healthy lifestyle throughout the service

  2. Acknowledge the individual requirements and skills of the children

  3. Develop and maintain mutual respect between educators, children and families


That the physical environment should be stimulating, inviting and child-friendly to fuel imagination, creativity and independence.


Therefore we will…

  1. Ensure the environment is checked daily for any potential hazards

  2. Regularly clean and replace toys, sports equipment and craft supplies when deemed necessary

  3. Utilised and organised environment in a manner that engages every child in quality experiences

  4. Explore sustainable practices and implement procedures that are feasible for continuous practice


That the educators should perform at a professional standard at all times.


Therefore we will…

  1. Ensure the educator to child ratio is maintained at all times for supervision purposes

  2. Provide warm, friendly, caring educators who work consistently across the term

  3. Act with kindness, support and respect towards each other to ensure a fun, equitable, safe work environment


That forming strong, personal relationships with each child using the service is fundamental for the children’s sense of confidence, security and wellbeing.


Therefore we will…

  1. Endeavour to form individualised relationships with each child to ensure we have a strong knowledge of their individual interests and needs

  2. Model and discuss appropriate behaviours to build the children’s ability to self-regulate their own behaviour, as well as respond appropriately to the behaviours of others

  3. Respect the dignity and rights of every child at all times


That the families of the service are vital to our success and enhance the quality of our program.


Therefore we will…

  1. Form collaborative partnerships with the families to ensure effective, deliberate and informative communication occurs between the two parties

  2. Ensure a detailed, comprehensive enrolment process is completed by all families to gather all required information

  3. Venture to incorporate families ideas and expertise into the service after careful consideration

  4. Organise inclusion support for the relevant families to alleviate excess stress and hesitate to use the service

  5. Engage in networking opportunities when available to strengthen and extend our program


That effective leadership and management is essential for the smooth running of the service.


Therefore we will…

  1. Allocate appropriately trained educators to leadership roles to direct the development and daily running of the service

  2. Correctly record and store policies to ensure there are procedures in place for any foreseeable situation

  3. Engage in self-reflection to continuously grow the service and our team as individuals

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