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Throughout your child’s time at Woori Yallock Primary School, educational, social and transition needs are monitored and reviewed at regular intervals and meaningful goals are set and supported.  Staff, parents and students work together to support the individual student to achieve their potential.  There are three specific areas of focus-Student learning

  • Student engagement and wellbeing

  • Student transitions


The services that we offer as a school are

  • DEECD educational assessments-psychologist & speech pathologist

  • State School Relief

  • Liaise with NDIS services

  • Shine Bright Psychology-counselling service clinical psychologist Simone Turner

  • Eastern Health-Nutrition and Health support

  • School Chaplain-Veronica Tirchett (Tuesday & Thursday)

  • Social skills groups with service providers

  • Student mentors

  • Inspiro Dental Program

  • Head Lice Program-whole school screening once per term


The Programs we offer as a school are


As a school, it is so important that children start their day having had a good breakfast. This helps set them up for a successful day of learning. Along with providing a healthy breakfast for our students, this programme also provides opportunities for students to become ‘Breaky Club Helpers.’ This is encouraged as we believe such experiences for our students will assist in their character development.



eg: Crunch and Munch Awesome Lunch

Crunch & Munch an Awesome Lunch a positive food culture, increase knowledge of healthy foods and discourage packaged foods high in fat, salt and sugar.


Term 2+ (Thursdays 3:10pm)

We regularly hear concerns from parents about getting their child to do their homework and the grief it can cause families. We are wishing to work with families and help support children develop sound habits that will sustain them as they grow older.Good habits need to be practiced and a range of skills need to be evident so that children can eventually do it by themselves. Time management, organisation, concentration and self-responsibility are habits that need to be established. Self-discipline is a key life skill that can only be learned in the way of doing.



Tuesdays 1:30pm-3:00pm

This program aims to provide quality play opportunities at a critical time in a child’s development. These opportunities foster children’s language development, develop motor skills, expose children to sensory experiences and enhance social skills. It also provides families with opportunities to establish friendships and long term social support networks and increase parenting capacity and confidence.


Healthy lunchboxes and strengthening families


Happy Families with Dr Justin Coulson-whole school membership (staff and families)

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