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Grade 5/6 Camp- Wilson's Prom

Wilson’s Prom!

Wilsons prom had so many fun and new experiences. A highlight for me was definitely climbing Mt Oberon and seeing the breathtaking view at the top. We also got to try surfing which I had never done before. It was really scary being pulled under the waves and board. On the tidal river we got to go rafting!

I had so much fun, it was definitely one of my favorites. I also enjoyed watching Ghostbusters afterlife where a wombat came and sat under my chair eating popcorn.

My friend called it Berry but its real name was borris. He came everynight to eat the scrap popcorn. Thank you to all the parents who helped out with the camp and a big thank you to all the teachers and staff who brought the camp to life!

By Echo

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