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2021 WYPS Photo Exhibition

Hello Woori families.

The following videos are a celebration of the wonderful work your children produced in the unit on digital art in term 2. We studied photography using the great iPad resource the school has built up. Each and every student had access to their own well maintained device for the entire lesson every week which meant they were fully engaged at all times.

We had planned a photo Exhibition of student work in the hall but feel an online exhibition is better under the current circumstances. Each week this term, students submitted a photographic work around a particular theme such as focus, exposure, backgrounds, foregrounds, portraits, landscapes, leading lines and framing. From these works was chosen one entry from each student for this exhibition.

It has been an absolute pleasure to witness the explosion of artistic talent through the photography sessions in art this term. When given some guidance and boundaries - photography allows students an immediate and gratifying avenue to express themselves. The results as you will see in the following videos are wonderful. I hope you enjoy this exhibition. I feel it allows us a glimpse at the world through the young eyes of our children . . . and it’s a beautiful place.

I encourage you all to talk to your children about furthering their endeavours with photography. We have some absolute champions in our midst!

All students’ work for the entire term has been printed and pasted in their art portfolios which will come home at the end of the year. Anytime you are in at school though please come down to the art room to look at your child’s work. If you would like a copy of their digital files please send a thumb drive to school with them and I will download them for you.

Stay well everyone.


Mr Mack


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