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Yarra Valley Speaking Competition

After our whole Speaking competition back in June, Chloe Bronstring, Sukey Russell and Brooklyn Kloet were all selected to present at the Yarra Valley Schools Speaking competition. The girls competed against 7 other students that had been selected from other schools in the Yarra Valley.

All three of the girls performed unbelievably well and we were very lucky (and deserving) to have Sukey Russell win the overall competition and Chloe Bronstring come second. This is the 3rd year in a row that Woori Yallock Primary School have won this competition. Not only were our girls proud, but also very humble in their acceptance, making sure that they congratulated the other participants on their efforts. It was a very proud moment for Mrs V, Oliver, Mr Hyndman and their parents as all of the hard work and determination we had watched the girls put in had paid off.

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