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Our highly successful Woori Wallabies Playgroup is going well in the new vibrant space. The program runs on Tuesdays from 1.30pm - 3.00pm and any family with children from babies to kinder age are welcome. 

Woori Wallabies Playgroup is open to anyone in the community.


Our playgroup aims to provide quality play opportunities for children at a critical time in a child’s development. These opportunities foster children’s language development, develop motor skills, expose children to sensory experiences and enhance social skills. Play-groups also provide families with opportunities to establish friendships and long-term social support networks and increase parenting capacity, confidence and enjoyment of family life. Sessions are run by Andre Campbell-Primary Welfare Officer and Veronica Tirchett- School Chaplain. If you have any concerns you need to share, speak to one of us, and if necessary we can schedule a different time for a quiet chat. In your first session we ask you to fill out an enrolment form, and as you arrive each time you will need to sign yourself in; this is because we need to know who is in the building if there is an emergency. We strongly encourage parents and carers to sit with their children during the song and story time, to sing along and do the actions with them. Children usually love sharing this time with the adults in their lives.

Each session begins in the multipurpose classroom with table activities including craft, play dough, jigsaws, drawing, etc. There is also a baby corner, a book corner and a 'home' corner. We ask parents to bring along a piece of fruit to donate towards afternoon tea. Also parents need to sign in each week and browse the information leaflets and brochures you will find there. Once the children have finished eating their fruit, there will be a free play time. Please closely supervise your children at all times.


Playgroup has began for Term 2, 2021. 

A typical session (approximate times)


1.30 Table activities in classroom, eg jigsaws, playdough, lego, collage, drawing, etc. 

2.10 Wash hands and all children sit at tables to share fruit 

2.20 Free play in classroom, or outside, weather permitting, or visit pet enclosure with staff member. 

2.40 Song, story and goodbye time. 3

3.00 Home time


Here are a few things you might need to know

  • To avoid difficulties leaving at pick up time please use the first car park 

  • Adult toilets are situated on the right as you enter the school through the community hall door. 

  • Boys' and girls' toilets are on either side of the art room. 

  • There is a baby change mat available. 

  • Please bring along a piece of fruit for the children to share. The school offers afternoon tea refreshments for the adults. Please don't leave cups where children can reach them. 

  • If you need a quiet place to breastfeed, speak to one of the staff members who will point you in the right direction. We have a variety of books that children are free to borrow and return at a later date. Use the library bags provided. There’s no need to record the books you have taken. Or you might just like to sit and read quietly with your child during the session.


We encourage parents and carers to take an active part in all aspects of our playgroup. The more you are involved the more you and your child will get out of playgroup. Here are some ways in which you can become involved: 

  • Spend time with your child. 

  • Sit with your child at song and story time. 

  • Enjoy the craft activities with your child. 

  • Share a book with your child. 

  • Help put away activities and wipe the tables. 

  • Share your ideas or concerns with us. 

  • Help to pack up at the end of the session.

  •  Always be aware of where your child is.

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